Candle Ice

Candle Ice #WoodlandCaribouPP #photography #thisismay #NWOntario

20140517 - iced in on May 17th

I learned a new term while iced-in on Olive Lake in May: candling or candle ice. It forms perpendicularly to the surface of the water, is easily blown along by wind, and to my ears sounds like a wooden wind chime. We were off the water so early, as seen in Monday’s post that I had plenty of time to photograph the ice. Here’s a selection:

20140517 - iced in on May 17th

20140517 - cant get over this ice

20140517 - so much candling

20140517 - more candling detail

20140517 - candling at the shore

Have you ever canoed or kayaked through this much ice?

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Shoes and Bags

Shoes and Bags #memories #amwriting

20140521 - drying the hikers

This afternoon I attended the funeral for a woman who lived a good, long 96 years on this earth. I listened to her granddaughter, a dear friend of mine, fondly remember how her grandmother was to blame for her love of shoes and bags. I mentioned this to my husband hours later over pints of Barking Squirrel and a plate of pulled pork nachos.

“Don’t all women love shoes and bags to some degree?”


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