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20140921 - art deco building WOTS

20140921 - art deco building WOTS

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20140921 - Writers Union WOTS

Crowds typically aren’t my thing but I’ll make an exception for a handful of events, Toronto’s Word on the Streetbeing one of them. I’ve attended as many instances of this annual celebration of books and magazines as I’ve been in town for in my nine years in Canada. This year looked iffy with torrential rain and lightning three hours before the start of the festival. However the clouds…

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Woke up at 4:30am and raced out to Sacajawea trailhead. I wanted to see the sunrise at the top of the ridge but didn’t quite make it. It was so beautiful that I didn’t care that i missed the sunrise at the ridge. The morning light is the most photogenic time of day. I’m glad to be out and be able to capture the moment. 

The pack I was wearing is a @topo-designs Klettersack 22L. Very nice day pack!!! Thanks Topo for letting me be part of the #teamtopo


No Plot? No Problem!: In Which a Planning Limit is Proposed (Gasp!)



September is officially the start of NaNo Prep! To celebrate, we’re excerpting what some might call the NaNoWriMo Bible: No Plot? No Problem! by founder Chris Baty. Today, he proposes a (perhaps controversial) approach to planning your novel:

It may be counterintuitive, but when it comes to novel writing, more preparation does not necessarily produce a better book. In fact, too much preparation sometimes has a way of stopping novel writing altogether.

As reassuring as it is to embark on your writing journey with a mule-team’s worth of character traits, backstories, plot twists, metaphors, and motifs, it’s also a 100-percent viable strategy to walk into the wilds of your novel with nothing but a bottle of water and a change of underwear.

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