The Stairs of the Royal Ontario Museum

The Stairs of the Royal Ontario Museum via @kmsoutdoors #ROM

New Stairwell 5

This is a photo my husband took of me:


 Many if not most of his photos of me are taken on the sly with me intently focused on some small detail.

I had an assignment I was working on for a Power of Light class (Continuing Ed at George Brown College).  Here’s what I was shooting:

New Stairwell 5

 I went heavy on the blues in post-processing in Lightroom.  I tried something different with the view up the same set…

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Business Planning

I’m setting out on my own! Read a little more about it here: Business Planning via @kmsoutdoors #careerchange #work

2011-09-10 storm surge 2

I have been away for the better part of three weeks, never far from my computer but away from my site.  Time flies: one week here to wrap up a job, a week there to spring clean the clutter from my physical space, and a week now to business plan. I am setting out on my own after more than a decade of working for someone else. I’m anxious to get started, to delve right in. But right into what?…

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